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Drinking Horns: Drinking Like a Viking

When it comes to alcohol, you can choose from different forms of them. Aside from the alcohol that you drink, the kind of container you use for drinking them is also interesting. Owing to the fact that men knew how to make alcohol first than glass, naturally, they had to put their fermented drinks like mead, wine, and ale into any container they have set they eyes on. People in the past made sure to not waste any animal part that they are able to rear or hunt. Tools have then been made and used by these ancient men to be able to remove and hollow out the bovine horns that they have collected. These hollowed out horns have then been used as drinking horns. Until this day, the use of drinking horns is still being done among some individuals who want to drink alcohol the Viking way. When you have intentions of buying drinking horns, this article is the perfect read for you whether you know it or not.

If you have decided to buy a good drinking horn, you have to first know a few things in terms of history about this particular item. Based on records, it was about 2,600 years ago where drinking horns have come into the picture. And yet, more research has proven that these items have been used for a much longer period of time than those years. Being drinking vessels is no longer something that you can always bear to associate with these drinking horns through those years. You see, these horns have become symbolic and meaningful and reminding of the hallowed past. From various civilizations from across the world, drinking horns are not just made of horn but are now made of metal and glass.

The use of drinking horns has become rampant across ancient cultures in different parts of the world from the Romans, Greeks, to the Scandinavians. But then, if you dig deeper, these horns are even closely related with the Scythians and Thracians. All in all, these drinking horns have become very much important across cultures in the past and even until now.

If you have intentions of buying your very own drinking horn, you need to understand that there is now a rich variety of them. When you want to get a buffalo, ox, or cow drinking horn, you should know that its inner core must be removed downright. The whole of the horn must first be soaked or boiled in hot water by the makers of these drinking vessel. After boiling, the softened marrow will then be scraped out. After the core has been removed from the horn, it will be heated to soften again and then pressed into the kind of shape that the client wants.

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